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Aging Punks

Aging Punks

by Marc Alan Di Martino



wear tight & faded Hüsker Dü t-shirts
to the mall, hum “Blister in the Sun”
while changing diapers—sottovoce—hoard
old vinyl in broken milk crates
beneath the stairs, drive spouses crazy
with guitar noise, proffer wild anecdotes
of having played in this or that band
before things got serious, rocking
the walls off some friend’s parents’ rec room
lined in faux wood paneling and reeking
of mothballs. They grow their hair
inward and think irregular thoughts.
Every so often, they add a tattoo
in honor of some long-forgotten love.

Marc Alan Di Martino is the author of Love Poem with Pomegranate (Ghost City Press, 2023), Still Life with City (Pski’s Porch, 2022) and Unburial (Kelsay, 2019). His poems and translations appear in Autumn Sky, Pulsebeat, Gyroscope Review and many other journals and anthologies. His work has been nominated for both the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. His translation Day Lasts Forever: Selected Poems of Mario dell’Arco will be published by World Poetry Books in 2024. Currently a reader for Baltimore Review, he lives in Italy.