Editorial Feedback


Send us something and get a workshop-style letter with comments on your piece. No guarantees of publication!

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By now you’re aware that we don’t charge submissions fees (though we do accept tips), and we pay our writers–which has led to us, happily, receiving way more submissions than we ever expected.

Because of our overwhelming submission pile, it turns out that we accept less than 2% of all submissions–which does mean, unfortunately, that we have to turn down a lot of great work. It also means that we can’t provide any feedback on pieces.

But sometimes people want a little extra with our their rejection, and we’re happy to give it to you–for a price. So if you’d like us to take a look at something you’ve written and get some feedback, here it is: we’ll send a workshop-style letter back with comments on your piece. (And who knows–if it’s really great, we may even want to publish it.)