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There’s No Such Thing As Expired.

There’s No Such Thing As Expired.

There’s no such thing as expired.

by Jennifer Renner

I was always told: don’t use expired film. Guess what… I actively choose them, with the oldest film I found being expired in 1982. Because in a world in which digital photographs are retouched to perfection, I look for the dirt, the life, the grit. Are the colors unreliable? Will there be lots of grain and even sometimes just blanks frames? Yes. But that is what life is, right? It isn’t perfect, we get surprised all the time and not always is it pleasant. So I keep shooting expired film as long as it is available.

Jennifer Renner was born 1980 in Germany. After finishing school she studied English and German literature and linguistics. Following this, Jennifer became a drama educator and freelance photographer. She lives with her two cats and loves to watch the bees visiting her balcony.