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Feast Of
painting of apple and grapes

Feast Of

by Lauren K. Carlson



anger, like you can sink teeth into, candy apple,
like one part indulgent and two-part sour,
like certain to spoil if left out,
like to the core—impaled,
like hand-held,
like admirable under cellophane
like wish you had sweet, wish you didn’t have sticky
like leave its glaze on everything,
like how hard and good it is to make clean,
like that pure green-skin fruit,
like whole, underneath—

Lauren K. Carlson is the author of a chapbook “Animals I Have Killed.” Recent work forthcoming from Salamander Mag and Pirene’s Fountain, reviews in or forthcoming from The Rumpus and Pleiades: Literature in Context. Wily, persistent writer and mother of three.