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Observer of the Patient

Observer of the Patient

Observer of the Patient

by Matthew Schmidt

Her brown eyes,
how a fig
considers itself.
I hide by my language, my body utters
The word for
produce your flag/sign
qua reflex.
absence can exist only as a consequence of the other
Only animus
to move beyond anonymous.
Rhyme a conjuration
it is my desire I desire, and the love being is no more than its tool
open as nectar,
the pollinating
in motion.
I keep the wound open, I feed it with other images
Sketch of her foot
response after rubber
hammer applied to knee.
Barthes – A Lover’s Discourse [quotes from]

Matthew Schmidt’s poems have been published or are forthcoming in HobartPleiadesThe Seattle ReviewTerritory, and elsewhere. He is an associate poetry editor at Fairy Tale Review.

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