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Chronic Pain Is An Invisible Disease

Chronic Pain Is An Invisible Disease

Chronic Pain is an Invisible Disease

by Angela Nichols

Chronic pain is an invisible disease. This series is a response to a health diagnosis, trigeminal neuralgia and thoracic outlet syndrome, from a major mid-Atlantic hospital after a several year journey through chronic pain. I did not truly abandon hope for myself; but, what I did abandon was the hope that answers for my disease would be provided by an outside institution geared towards perpetuating the invisibility of what is not easily sought for; healing, dignity, and humanity. My journey continues.

Angela Nichols is a photographer and creative nonfiction writer from Pennsylvania. Her writing has appeared in BOOM Magazine and hand-painted photography on the cover of The Great Stream Review. She is hiding out somewhere between the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain ridge writing a memoir about being the daughter of a Vietnam War veteran.