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There is an alternative universe

There is an alternative universe

There is an alternative universe

by Clara Burghelea



where I can still taste my mother first thing in the morning,
a big truth kind of flavor. Ghosts for hire, whispers her mouth,
cysts to feel, the symmetry of a gift. I pause her favorite song
in the middle of the poem, the lump blinks back. I imagine it
an infant mouse, stretching its body thin to meet the light. Soon
a line of poppies waiting to be guided home. The calloused
underside of her palm over the noose of night, a fat tick
hanging in the air, moon, an avocado yielding to my grip.

Clara Burghelea is a Romanian-born poet with an MFA in Poetry from Adelphi University. Recipient of the Robert Muroff Poetry Award, her poems and translations appeared in Ambit, Waxwing, The Cortland Review and elsewhere. Her collection The Flavor of The Other was published in 2020 with Dos Madres Press. She is the Review Editor of Ezra, An Online Journal of Translation.

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