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Storm Over Pacific

Storm Over Pacific

Storm Over Pacific

by Judith Skillman

[This painting is featured as the cover of Abandon Journal, issue #1]
I love painting seas and oceans, perhaps because within such vast expanses there are no people. The vacancy and power is overwhelming, and it is a reminder that while the human species came from these waters, we are powerless over its elemental force. 
This painting was created as a reflection on a place that is inherently hostile to humans. Also, when I paint water—if and when it works—the process is one of abandoning any ideas for a finished product. It’s more like being the waves, and feeling their unceasing energy.

Judith Skillman paints expressionist works in oil on canvas. She is interested in feelings engendered by the natural world. Her art has appeared in Windmill, Artemis, The Penn Review, and other journals. Skillman has studied at McDaniel College, Pratt Fine Arts Center and Seattle Artist League. Shows include The Pratt and Galvanize. More of her work can be found here and here.

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