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Welcome To The House of Static

Welcome To The House of Static

welcome to the house of static

by Zoe Cunniffe



to the    blink of heavy lids,
the wavering of vision,
              this bobbing in and     out
                                          of consciousness.
       here is the sky in stop motion,        flickering,
                     a still shot in monochrome.
welcome to the taste of a yawn
              pressed to the roof of your mouth,
       jaw caught halfway.                            everything caught halfway.
you throw the pen down;        you can’t taste it anymore—
                     the blood now dried to your tongue.

       snow-stained sorcery,      this heavenly fall from grace.
                                                             it had a voltage, once—
       a whirring in the dead of night, hallucinations,
              your body moving without command.
it spilled from you,            so ethereal—
              honey-smeared skies        and cherry lips,
                   all these past lives spattered           on the mattress.
cupping the old world in your palms,            letting it drizzle
       through your fingers,             sweet and slippery.
               silver reflection on the showerhead,
                             a surge of water,                 a dripping.
       hot breath,      a summer-scalding,               this river
rushing up from the spiral in your stomach.

but now—

now your palms
are coated
in dust,

now you ache
over the shape
of the letters.

Zoe Cunniffe is a poet and singer-songwriter from Washington, DC. She has previously been published in literary journals such as Blue Marble Review, New Reader Magazine, Kissing Dynamite, and Small Leaf Press. Zoe can be found on Instagram at @there.are.stillbeautifulthings.